Monday Woes

Happy Monday. I’m finally feeling a little better. Which basically means I didn’t wake up feeling like crap in the middle of the night and only felt like crap for a couple minutes after I woke up. Unfortunately, I still haven’t eaten yet because the only dining hall open over the weekends would not improve my nausea. I did switch to water and Gatorade and that has helped.

But the real reason I’m on here. My anxiety this morning is almost matching my not feeling well. I fly home tonight and though it’s only a two hour flight, I’ve become increasingly afraid of flying. Most people grow more accustomed to flying, apparently not me. Hopefully my motion sickness pills knock me out for the whole flight.

I’m also anxious because even though I know that I just have the stomach bug that’s been going around all semester, I swear, I can turn anything into convincing myself that there might be something else wrong with me. The fact that I’m a pre-med science major with several medical professionals in the family that I’m sure all agree that there is nothing more serious going on, I can talk myself into anything. It’s a great trait when I want to do something new, but terrible in that I can convince every part of me (except part of the frontal lobe) pretty much anything I want. I’m sure a psychologist would love to get in my brain. Sometimes I wish that I could get into my brain.

Let’s see, yeah that’s the major issue right now. The fact that I have one more final between now and then is barely registering. I do feel a little better after writing that. Ok, talk to you later.


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