Thursday Thoughts

I recently restarted a tumblr that I had initially created to just blow off steam. Well, I deleted most of those posts and have started posting similar stuff on there. It’s just a little less… organized? I don’t know. Anywhere, here’s the post I did today. Hope it can be a good reminder for someone. It was for me.

From tumblr…

” I read something somewhere that was jokingly saying that the reason you might be single is because you’re a superhero. A ton of the female superheroes are single. So I thought it was fitting.

Plus we all have our kryptonite. For me, it’s anxiety and the myriad of things that accompanies it and, what is currently diagnosed as, a chronic migraine disorder that doesn’t cause too much pain but ridiculous amounts of dizziness.

I say almost Supergirl because unlike Superman, I can overcome my kryptonite. I fight anxiety day in and day out, It definitely causes problems and can put me out of action sometimes. So can the migraines. But you know what? They make antianxiety medication. Therapy exists for a reason. My migraines aren’t constant. They will get better. I’ve learned to start dealing with them. Unlike superman, my kryptonite doesn’t take me out of the game just because it’s near me. My only true kryptonite is myself. Everything else just slows me down a little.

So I’m almost Supergirl. Single, fighting everyday to make things better for many people, and yeah, staying away from kryptonite (that stuff can be a little dangerous to us mortals too).

Even if today isn’t going so well (mine’s not), you too can almost be Supergirl or Superman. Keep the faith.”

My title on tumblr is Almost SuperGirl, by the way.

Have a great day y’all.


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