Sore Sunday

As many of you girls know, hormonal cycling can worsen anxiety sometimes. I noticed my anxiety had been worse the last couple days but I couldn’t figure out why. I got my answer last night but I suppose I should have known by the light cramps I’ve had the last couple days or by looking at a calendar.  And by tonight, the cramps grew to very bad but I’ll live. I just won’t be going to sleep any time soon.

See, the hormone level changes are not pleasant when they make anxiety worse. Especially if insomnia is part of your anxiety. So I am tired, in pain from cramps, and anxious. All because I’m a woman.

Its important to understand though: the idea that sometimes worsened anxiety may not have anything to do with the situation, but maybe just hormones. That’s why I try to give myself a little extra time and a little extra grace this time of month.

It’s not easy, dealing with the pairing of anxiety and periods. But it is important to recognize that I’d hormonal fluctuations cause fluctuations in anxiety, that it’s ok. Just give yourself a little extra grace.

Most of us with anxiety or other mental health issues have heard time and time again to give ourselves a little extra grace, a little extra patience, a little extra kindness. I agree. But just remember that if your body is making it worse than usual, give yourself even more grace and kindness. After all, there’s really nothing you can do about hormone fluctuations. And if you’re finding that having extra patience for yourself isn’t going so well, grab some chocolate and a good book and just chill for a while.

After all, your uterus is literally shedding its own internal skin. That’s bound to be worthy of a little extra self-care. Now, I’m off to find a heating pad, a little chocolate cake, and some much needed sleep.

Be kind to yourselves my  friends.


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